Contact Us @ (248) 459-8991
Contact Us @ (248) 459-8991

Important Shipping Notice


It appears that USPS shipping has normalized quite a bit with some pretty consistent delivery times. We will keep the UPS shipping option up, but know that USPS is delivering near their long term patterns . Also, we made a change to our shipping platform to Ship Station and can now more easily see shipping progress of the packages that we send out. As before, if for some reason you do not receive your shipping notification please contact us and we can provide that.

Please know that we take pride in turning orders fast. We have been shipping next day at the latest for over 10 years, with rare exception. Many orders go out the same day. Our quick turn of orders historically translated to happy customers and we like happy customers.

Thank You for supporting our small business.


Due To USPS delays, UPS shipping available! Select the UPS Shipping option to cart at checkout.

It has recently come to our attention that PayPal, which is who we ship through, is not consistently delivering shipping/tracking information. Please know that we are continuing to ship daily. Orders go out next day at the latest, with many orders going out the same day. Please contact us if you did not receive your shipping/tracking information and we will provide it.