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Contact Us @ (248) 459-8991

Silence Your Hunting Gear with Stealth Strips®

Hunters who use Stealth Strips® love Stealth Strips®, what are you waiting for? 


What are Stealth Strips®?

Stealth Strips® are Peel N Stick silencing material used to wrap climbing sticks, tree stands, camera arms, bicycles, thermos, you name it. They can silence bow shelves, arrow rests, or provide a new camo appearance to nearly anything. Stealth Strips® are durable, versatile, highly water resistant, and have a great feel (No one wants to grab a cold stick). They come standard with an aggressive adhesive in a wide range of standard sizes. We also offer custom cuts.

Many mobile hunters know that mobile hunting gear can be noisy. Stealth Strips® not only eliminate metal-to-metal “clank,” but they can also improve tree stand silencing and concealment. They are a perfect complement for all your mobile hunting gear. There are also many nonhunting uses, such as Stealth Strips® tent patch tape, boat cover repair tape, and the like. They also are great at providing some camo for cameras and lens covers. So easy to install, even a politician could do it.

Dan Infalt

“Stealth Strips® are the only silencing material I use.”

~ Dan Infalt, Hunting Beast