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Contact Us @ (248) 459-8991

Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy

Don’t worry we will make this as hassle free as possible.  In the good ole days before the overlords of the internet rank everything and nearly force every small business to have corporate policies in place, the customer would just contact us and ask what our policy is.  We would ask them what they want (return, cancel, exchange) and then we would execute it, and always to the customer’s satisfaction.  Pretty simple right, just treat the customer the way you would like to be treated in the exact same situation. 

Well we will miss those times as well.  So here we go with our new policy – effective April 7, 2022.

We allow cancellations at anytime up until it ships for a full refund (including all shipping and taxes, no restocking fee).  If you want to cancel after purchase you better do it fast.  We typically ship next day at the latest, with many orders going out the same day (No shipping on Sundays).

We allow Full Refunds within 30 days, just send it back unused and when it arrives back here we will refund entire purchase excluding shipping.  Tip: if it is under a pound no need to ship USPS Priority Mail.  It will cost you much less to return any package under 1 pound as USPS First Class Mail.

For an exchange if you ordered the wrong thing, wrong camo pattern, or just changed your mind and want something else, just let us know.  We typically will send out the new item with a return label for the original item to come back to us with your new package.  Any difference in the cost of orders will be adjusted, but if it is just switching out camo patterns we will just ship you a new one with a return label for the other.  This cost us double shipping, but we think our customers are worth it.  Because happy customers is how we built our business, and we know that we don’t have a business without You. 

Contact us for questions related to returns, refunds, or exchanges.