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Contact Us @ (248) 459-8991

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Acceptable Use Policy – Prohibited uses of the website include any illegal activities such as card testing, harvesting data, harassing others.  Any form of any fraudulent activity relating to credit theft, or impersonation is strictly prohibited.

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Support or Maintenance – We are under no obligation to provide any website maintenance or customer support regarding any website maintenance.  This last part is not referring to customer service, to which we pride ourselves in responding to appropriate customer inquiries.

Privacy – We keep guard of all customer information which includes, name, address and contact information, and under no circumstance do we share or sell any of that information.  Customer credit card information is also protected by our gateway, merchant accounts.  We do not have access to customer credit card information, except for phone orders where the customer directly reads that information to us.  Online credit card transactions are carefully managed for privacy by our two merchant accounts – (a subsidiary of Visa), and PayPal.  These are two very large and trusted financial institutions.  Any credit card information delivered to us during any phone orders is directly keyed into the merchant accounts for processing.  We do not store or otherwise record any credit card information.

Rights and Ownership – We own all information on this website.  This includes, but is not limited to artwork, pictures, videos, and other proprietary information.  We own all intellectual property rights to content on the website, except for any user content, and that the visitors to the site may not use it in any way without permission. We are governed under the laws of the State of Michigan and any and all disputes that arise shall be within this jurisdiction.

We are governed under the laws of the State of Michigan and any and all disputes that arise shall be within this jurisdiction.Disclaimers –Information provided herein is informational only.  The site is accepted as is, and we are not liable for any promises that we did not offer or intend to offer.  Our products, mainly Stealth Strips®, were created to provide an adhesive wrap to reduce noise, and conceal objects for camouflage purposes.  However, being a tape based durable fabric product, there are many other off label uses.  In no way do we warrant our products as any type of safety device for treestand hunting, or for any other uses. 

Termination and Modification – We reserve the right to terminate the access of any visitor at any time without notice, or discretion.