Stealth Strips® Roll Camo Silencing Tape

(4 customer reviews)


  • Original – 2 1/8” x 57” $8.00
  • Medium – 2.5” x 90″ $12.95
  • Large – 3.75” x 10′ $24.95

Stealth Strips® in a Roll? Well, we listen to customers and have heard more than once that it would be nice in a roll. Maybe we can establish this as “duct tape for hunters” only more durable and stickier, or essential hunting gear for the mobile hunter. The reviews are in, this is the best Camo silencing tape. Really it is more than tape, it is self adhesive silencing fabric. Great for silencing your bow shelf and more durable than arrow rest felt. Original size available in 5 camo patterns. Medium and Large rolls in conceal, strata, and SMOKE camo patterns.