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Mobile Hunting Partners & Friends

This page offers some links to Stealth Outdoors partners, friends, and favorite websites.  This set of links has a unique focus on Mobile hunting, the mobile hunter and their hunting equipment needs, and public land hunting and opportunities.

Dan Infalt (aka The Big Buck Serial Killer) is a friend to Stealth Outdoors. Dan reinvented mobile hunting and made hunting public land cool again. Besides being arguably the best whitetail hunter alive, he also possesses the ability to teach others. Not many can teach as well as they hunt, Dan has mastered both.  His information outlets include his bedded buck series DVDs (which we have the great privilege to carry in our store), his hunting forum – The Hunting BEAST, and his You Tube Channel are all must clicks.  He is also working on mobile hunting equipment in his spare time.

The Hunting Public
Talking about content, entertainment, mobile hunting, and public land hunting is none other than The Hunting Public, or simply THP.  We have never seen a group of hunters do so much in so little time.  These guys are fun to watch, and get it done all over the country.  We are pleased to have THP in our set of links.  If you haven’t watched their show, visit their channel, and go to their website and buy a shirt from them.

DIY Sportsman
DIY Sportsman is another favorite of ours. This guy knows equipment, how to hunt, and possesses a very large brain, talk about articulate.  His tips and journeys are a lot of fun to follow. Visit his links and buy a shirt from him to show your support.

When it comes to mobile hunting gear, is anything more mobile than a saddle. Our friends at Tethrd have made saddle hunting popular again.

Mobile Hunting Gear
Home of the Stick Talons – Mobile Hunting Gear, not only has the name we wish we were smart enough to get, but they are the only game in town when it comes to carrying your climbing sticks from your truck, to and up your tree.  Check them out.

Misty River Trackers
When it comes to tracking whitetail deer Todd (aka the Magicman) is a wealth of information. Tracking and large tracts of public land go hand and hand.

True Timber Camouflage
How do we not give a shout out to our camo supplier?  They have just been great to us. Visit their site; they have a lot going on in the camo business.  What a story, and who doesn’t like Dale Jr.?

Backwoods Mobile Gear
Anyone that says this and sells Stealth Strips® is on our list of friends and partners.

At Backwoods Mobile Gear, we believe you should never have to sacrifice durability for function or function for durability. We thrive on this philosophy, and it’s built into every product we make. We strive to make our products affordable and most importantly, reliable. With that in mind, our products should be a no brainer for anyone from the everyday Sportsman to the most experienced Mobile Hunter.

– Proudly made in the U.S.A –

Chase Nation
Please visit our good friends at Chase Nation who have some great storytelling abilities, and their videography is second to none. The also share some terrific hunts on Carbon TV.

Canadian Saddle Hunter
Steve contacted us about carrying Stealth Strips® in Canada. We jumped at the offer to help alleviate some international shipping headaches and costs. If you are one of our good friends to the North and interested in Silencing Your Gear with Stealth Strips®, check with Canadian Saddle Hunter first!

Going 4 Broke Outdoors

As if the name is not cool enough, Jeremy moved from Michigan to Montana to experience the West. Now that is cool. I have been told that I have a face for radio, but Jeremy truly has the voice for radio/podcasts. His preparation for his guest is outstanding and his follow up questions are excellent, and his calm and well thought out demeanor makes his podcasts a must listen.

Check out his website, blog, and podcasts

Before the Echo
Josh Tuelker is becoming an instant classic on the live podcast scene, and the young man can hunt. Talk about diving in and going for it. Check out his YouTube Channel and subscribe. Watch his live podcasts and continuous stream of content.

Deer Hunter Podcast – a Michigan Original
Kevin has it all, charm, wit, a well respected show, great family, and great supporting cast. Check out his website and podcasts. / Bowhunt or Die
This group doesn’t need an introduction. From their longstanding forum to the popular Bowhunt or Die YouTube Channel. I think Fred Bear was a member when they started their forum.